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From Pilot Dorian Walker

An Update on The Liberty DH-4

DH-4 Update

Aviation is proof that, given the will, we have the capacity to achieve the impossible.
— Eddie Rickenbacker
World War I American fighter ace

Thanks for your interest and longtime support in our mission. The video above shows a portion of the successful part of our flight. We are still investigating to determine what happened to interfere with our flight plan. Currently we are taking one day at a time, trying to determine the extent of damage and the costs to repair and if it is repairable. I don’t regret for a moment, climbing into that original 102 year old cockpit, strapping myself in behind the totally rebuilt century old 400 hp Liberty engine and pushing the throttle forward, like the aviators of a century ago did to defend Liberty in the skies over Europe. Our teams mission has been and continues to be to Honor and Remember those brave lads from long ago. And for that brief flight we feel we did exactly that!
blue skies,
Dorian and the entire Friends of Vintage Flight Team.